klok anarkist

Så här skrev anarkisten Kropotkin år 1898 i Fields, factories and workshops:

“If you return to the soil, and co-operate with your neighbours instead of erecting high walls to conceal yourself from their looks; if you utilise what experiment has already taught us, and call to your aid science and technical invention, which never fail to answer to the call — look only at what they have done for warfare — you will be astonished at the facility with which you can bring a rich and varied food out of the soil. You will admire the amount of sound knowledge which your children will acquire by your side, the rapid growth of their intelligence, and the facility with which they will grasp the laws of Nature, animate and inanimate.”

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  1. Kropotkin var en väldigt vis man, synd att så få är bekant med hans filosofi, och anarkismen.
    Kul att se sånt här på en blogg man gillar starkt!

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